Fragrance Focus "KARANGA"

Karanga luxury scented soy candle by The Wild Botanist

The Origin Series

Karanga is a Maori word meaning "to chant, summon or welcome" and is associated with a traditional dance historically performed by village elders and tribal warriors to greet strangers arriving for the first time. We loved the idea of this and thought it would be a fitting inspiration for our New Zealand fragrance which is our crisp, sharp and clean Kiwi skin scent blend.

Scent notes
Volcanic Ash, Kiwi & Sweet Rainwater

Crisp and chalky mineral base notes sharpened with vibrant kiwi skin and sweetened top notes of tropical rain water freshness. This scent encapsulates the bright, clean essence of the shore and unique volcanic properties of New Zealand

T.W.B diary extract

"The locals lined the shore adorned in costumes of shells and leaves. Their warriors danced while the elders greeted us in traditional fashion. Karanga they called it" - The Wild Botanist

Karanga is available as a Single Wick and Double Wick scented candle and also Reed Diffuser


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