Fragrance Focus "Lone Island"

Lone Island tropical scented candle and reed diffuser by The Wild Botanist

Our most tropical scent blend to date and an unapologetic holiday escape!
Our Origins Series inspired scented candles draw from the adventures of The Wild Botanist and in this case, the island of Panama which has evolved through centuries of cultural influences driven by trade routes and passing merchants.

Bordered by Colombia, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, Panama is a hot tropical paradise and what better source of ingredients for our scented candles than papaya, white rum & banana leaf. This fragrance became an overnight favourite and we’re delighted to have it in our permanent collection.

Scent notes
Papaya, White Rum & Banana Leaf

Sweet tropical Papaya flesh layered with warming middle notes of white rum and a subtle hint of fresh green banana leaf

T.W.B diary extract
"Reaching the island of Panama was a welcome relief after our trails through Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. We feasted on a bounty of fresh fish, bananas and rum and rested for days on the warm sands of the island" - The Wild Botanist

Lone Island is available as a Single Wick and Double Wick scented candle and also Reed Diffuser

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