Fragrance focus "Lost Temple"

Lost Temple scented candle and reed diffuser by The Wild Botanist - Japanese cherry bark scented candle

We believe that scent is one of the most evocative and powerful ways to experience a place or culture and few fragrances are as instantly recognisable and so intrinsically linked to a location than the iconic cherry trees of Japan. For the Japanese, these blossoms are known as “Sakura” and with the arrival of their blooming in spring, they represent a time or renewal and optimism and are considered sacred.

We wanted to celebrate this and sourced a unique combination of scented oils, extracted from the bark and the blossom of Japanese cherry trees and ground with a little native moss for balance.

Scent notes
Japanese Cherry Bark, Moss & Sakura Blossom

A heady perfumed scent emanating from the fruity cherry bark whilst the woody, earthy aroma of wild mosses ground the fragrance before giving way to a sweet yet delicate finish of Sakura blossom with subtle hints of orange, almond and peach stone.

T.W.B diary extract
"As the mountains gave way to lush forests, we came across an abandoned temple and stopped to marvel at its magnificence. Nature had reclaimed it and the air was perfumed with the sweet fragrance of cherry blossoms that grew in the courtyards" - The Wild Botanist

Lost Temple is available as a Single Wick and Double Wick scented candle and also Reed Diffuser

Japanese cherry blossom scented candle and reed diffuser by The Wild Botanist


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