"The Origin Series" Discover the inspiration behind our signature scent collection

"The Origin Series" is our signature collection of scented soy wax candles and reed diffusers. Inspired by the adventures of The Wild Botanist who travelled far and wide collection exotic ingredients to bring back to London. 

Each fragrance tells a unique story of a place and celebrates indigenous cultures and ingredients. Discover "The Origin Series" here 

Each candle & reed diffuser is handcrafted in our studio in England by The Wild Botanist team using sustainable ingredients and methods.

The Origin Series scent blends include: 

Karanga - New Zealand
Volcanic Ash, Kiwi & Sweet Rainwater

Lost Temple - Japan 
Cherry bark, Moss & Sakura Blossom

Lone Island - Panama
Papaya, White Rum & Banana Leaf

Peruvian Gold - Peru
Cacao Nibs, Vanilla & Lima Balsam

Madagascar - East Africa
Roasted Vanilla, Oak bark & Dried Spiced Fruits

Duomo 1436 - Tuscany
Leather, White Truffle & Lemon Peel

The Origin Series is available to buy as individual candles or reed diffusers and is available as a full collection of 6 candles

"Karanga" scented candle & reed diffuser from "The Origin Series" - inspired by the shore of New Zealand and the ancient Maori ceremony of Karanga - a dance performed to welcome strangers to the country. 

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