The Wild Botanist

Karanga Diffuser: Volcanic Ash & Vibrant Kiwi Skin

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"The locals lined the shore adorned in costumes of shells and leaves. Their warriors danced while the elders greeted us in traditional fashion. Karanga they called it" - The Wild Botanist

Volcanic Ash, Kiwi & Sweet Rainwater
Crisp and chalky mineral base notes sharpened with vibrant kiwi skin and sweetened top notes of tropical rain water freshness. This scent encapsulates the bright, clean essence of the shore and unique volcanic properties of New Zealand

  • Hand poured in England
  • 200ml Diffuser;
  • Lasts: Average 60 days.
  • net wt. 7oz (200g).
  • Bottle H: 120mm D: 68mm.

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